Friday, February 21, 2020

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


      The Physics Department of  UG Section was started during the year 1984 with non-maths physics in combination with Chemistry and Zoology. Later on with- maths physics Telugu medium in 1992 and English medium in 2009 was introduced in Combination of maths, Chemistry and Electronics.PG section was started in 2005.The Department has well equipped laboratories and library. The department backed is with qualified faculty members with teaching as well as experience in applied research area. Besides regular classroom teaching the department organizes various programmes frequently to encourage active participation of students in their education and improve their learning process. For example Classroom seminars, Quiz programmes, Group discussions, educational tours etc. To inculcate research attitude study projects and web assignments are conducted. To give extra knowledge guest lecturer classes by the outside experts and add on programmes on various emerging new topics in physics is organized. Remedial coaching is given to the academically poor students. To enhance and acquire latest knowledge the department has been organizing refresher courses, science exhibition, national seminars, workshops etc.